Sports Lighting

Photometric Drafting - Sports Lighting Application - Little League Baseball Lighting

Using IESNA best practice, maximum, minimum, average, and uniformity, light levels are all calculated from high mast poles and sports lighter fixtures. These fixtures are aimed to achieve various classes of light levels anywhere from recreational light levels to televised events.

Photometric Drafting - Sports Lighting Applications - Soccer Stadium

Sports Lighting Aiming Diagrams – All Sports Lighting Layouts include aiming diagrams. These show the installer not only in which position each fixture should be mounted in the configuration, but also how to aim them to achieve the light levels shown on each layout.

Photometric Drafting - Sports Lighting Aiming Diagrams

In each circle from top to bottom; Fixture Number, Aiming Degree Left or Right, Aiming Degree Up or Down, Fixture ID.