Supporting Franchise Lighting

All franchises need lighting. We help to find the right lights for your franchise packages, capture your brand image, and establish brand uniformity throughout all locations. We work with your corporate office and design a full lighting package. Each package is customized for each location while maintaining the same light levels, uniformity and other corporate touches. A DWG with a full bill of material is provided to your team of architects and electricians. Save hours of design time and creative liberties by new team members who are not as familiar with your needs. Send the new franchisees our way to let us work with their team to incorporate your corporate standards in lighting every time.

How It Works:

Throughout the entire process, you will have direct access to our design team. Our goal is to efficiently and quickly complete the design process, allowing you to make informed decisions.

  1. Schedule your complimentary consultation
  2. Send us the project details and required information
  3. Review and receive your customized lighting package