Supporting Lighting Manufacturers

As a manufacturer, you must sell your products twice to make a single sale: first to the distributor, second to the end-buyer.

1. Proper IES files are imperative for the successful double-sale of your product:

  • Distributors choose to sell (or NOT to sell) a product based upon IES file availability and functionality. – It must work correctly!
  • End-buyers will not choose your product if your IES file does not perform well in the distributor’s lighting software.

Our DETAILED AUDIT of your IES files will pinpoint any problem with any individual file and generate a comprehensive report. Our analysts will correct each issue, giving you confidence, saving you time from rerunning your fixtures in a goniophotometer, and increasing your productivity so you can focus on the sale.

Some typical IES file issues that we fix:

  • Import Errors
  • Flipped IES files – Downlight vs Uplight
  • Mirrored IES file
  • Sideways or Backward Files
  • Consistency among product groups

Adjustments we make:

  • Combine Direct & Indirect IES files into a single IES file
  • Adjust Auto Import Data
    • Physical dimensions and luminous box
    • Description
    • Lumens
    • Wattage
  • Add additional information without corrupting the IES file

2. Customized lighting layouts build YOUR brand:

  • Gets YOUR logo, YOUR contact information, YOUR products showcased for that first sale to a distributor.
  • Secures unique part numbers for your products to protect your trade secrets

3. 3D Visualizations: Videos and Images

  • Showcase products virtually
  • Promote buyer confidence
  • Visualizations use actual IES files.
  • Market more effectively
  • Grab your audience’s attention
  • Immerse clients in a world with your products
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much more is a video?
  • Value added to buyers and resellers
  • Provide the sales tools to build your brand and sell your products.


How It Works:

Throughout the entire process, you will have direct access to our design team. Our goal is to efficiently and quickly complete the design process, allowing you to make informed decisions.

  1. Schedule your complimentary consultation
  2. Send us the project details and required information
  3. Receive your customized lighting package