Supporting Lighting Manufacturers

A manufacturer must sell its products twice to make a single sale. The first sale is to the distributor, the second is to the end-user. If the distributor can’t convince the end-user to buy your product, the sale stops there. Both sales can be made with the proper IES files. We work with IES files every day and have come across many different pain points that either make it difficult to recommend a lighting product or to make us substitute for something similar. We help you make sure your IES work the way they need. If these files do not perform as they should, you are losing sales. Most companies will sooner find an alternative than to try to work with broken IES files, but we work beside your team to make sure your files work properly. We systematically review your IES files for potential pain points and suggest changes. The process is simple, but skipped steps in file creation can cause loss of sales when the IES file is skipped or subbed out. With our 12 point inspection of your IES files, we will find any pain points and you will make the sale.

How It Works:

Throughout the entire process, you will have direct access to our design team. Our goal is to efficiently and quickly complete the design process, allowing you to make informed decisions.

  1. Schedule your complimentary consultation
  2. Send us the project details and required information
  3. Review and receive your customized lighting package