Franchise Lighting

Photometric Drafting - Franchise Concept Render - Painting Class

National Account Lighting Standardization

These images show two completed lighting designs: 1) a visualization of the space with all lighting (above) and 2) a detailed description of each fixture type and function for brand standardization packages (below). These are developed to maintain the brand design for each franchise location, maintaining consistency, brand uniformity, and making sure every location receives the same lighting products regardless of where they are located or who works on the project.

Photometric Drafting - Franchise Concept Render - Painting Class

What issues do national accounts & franchise developers currently face?

Consistency in lighting and brand standards is sometimes difficult to maintain between stores. Especially when they are miles and states apart. Multiple hands and multiple visions of the lighting and what they are accustomed to can further deteriorate that brand look.

Too many lights – The seller makes money on the sale of the lights and it’s to their advantage to sell you more than you need. Even if by accident. If they don’t run the numbers to verify, the franchise is at risk.

Too few lights – Just as disadvantageous as having too many lights, too few can cost severally. When the code inspector says there is not enough light, new purchases, new shipping costs, new wires run, new installations, delays in certificate of occupancy, and store openings typically occur. If the numbers are not determined, which is often the case, the store owner is at risk.

Emergency Lighting – Does the path of egress have the minimum light level and the correct lighting average? This can be a matter of life or death. Will your Fire Marshall or code inspector need to see these?

What does it look like with us in the picture?

Consistent Lighting and Product Uniformity – At Drafting & Photometric Consulting, we standardize your brand and streamline it so we can provide consistency in lighting layouts, light uniformity and spacing, and light levels.

We save your architects and engineers time by providing them lighting spacing and AutoCAD (dwg) layers they can import directly into their MEPs at a reduced rate. They can spend more time in other areas, while we focus our attention on our specialty.

What we provide to your team:

  • Light spacing – catered to your unique building footprint
  • Exact Quantities of Lights – No more and no less of the fixtures you need to meet required light levels
  • A full Bill of Material (BOM) of lighting fixtures
  • An AutoCAD DWG file for direct MEP import.
  • Direct Access to the designer for last-minute design changes and adjustments as they come up in the field.
  • Wattage per Square Foot Calculations
  • Average Light Levels
  • Minimum and Maximum Illuminance
  • Calculations on Surfaces as needed.

What we provide to the Franchise:

  • Brand Standard Package Compiled and Maintained with purpose, light levels, and decorative vision for each product.
  • We keep a full record of all cut sheets for your lighting package and can quickly provide the package to you or your contractors and lighting suppliers complete with full part numbers and a list of quantities for each unique location.
  • Full customizability of brand standard templates at any time. If the look changes, we will adjust all-new locations to follow the new brand standard.
  • Uniformity – Every store throughout the country will be lit the exact same way every time. No worries about creative influences from a new contracted service because they all come from the same place.
  • Peace of Mind – A Franchise has a lot to think about. The lighting package should not be one of them.